Videograf Sankt Gallen

Videograf in Bamberg

My name is Helena, I am a 25-year-old german girl and I love to travel the world. The last years I had the pleassure work in a variety of different countries like Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand. I loved to combine work with the possibility of getting to know different places and cultures. At the moment I live in Utrecht in the Netherlands and I am about to graduate university with a master in communication science. Also during my studies I continued working in the fashion- and beauty-industry all over the world. There I was able to look behind the scenes of amazing photographers‘ and videographers‘ work. I loved their work but I never thought of creating videos myself.       

As it was my brother-in-law’s wedding in summer 2018 I was looking for the perfect present for the bridal couple. In university I just learned how to edit videos and so I decided to do a weddingfilm for them. I really enjoyed capturing these emotional moments of their unique day and everybody liked the video a lot – even though it was far from perfect. But I knew that I can do it much better and so try to improve with every wedding that I film.