Anne is from Germany, Roman from Switzerland. That’s why Anne moved to Roman’s hometown St. Gallen and both decided to celebrate their wedding in Düsseldorf to say ‘Goodbye’ to the place where they met and fell in love with each other.

This is Amelie’s and Jann’s wedding video. Both got to know each other in Fürth, moved together to Regensburg and got married in Thurnau, near to Amelie’s hometown Bayreuth. I am happy they chose me to be there wedding videographer.

Susanne and Sven fell in love with each other in Würzburg, where both studied law. Their friends wanted to make them a special wedding present that they will never forget: a wedding video.

Melanie and Jochen said YES to each other in June. It was a wonderful day in Weismain, Bavaria. They celebrated with their friends and family. I created a longer and a shorter version for them. I hope you enjoy watching this highlight clip.

Carina and Kevin tied the know in autumn. Even though it was very cold and windy it was a beautiful weeding. 
They asked me to do a very long wedding film so that they can relive every moment of this special day also some decades later. 

Adriana dreamed of being a princess her whole life. Her husband Salvatore and this dress made all her dreams come true. Their family and friends proved that Portuguese and Italians know who to celebrate a wedding. 

You did not have any possibility to create a wonderful wedding video on your wedding day? No problem! How about booking an after wedding shooting? Check out my other other emotional clips or send me a mail for more information.