At the first contact we will talk about the most important questions:

When will be the wedding? Where will the wedding take place? How many guests will be invited?

Here we can get to know each other and I can show you some more of my recent videos.

In the next step it’s all about you and your personal wishes and ideas for the wedding clip.

How long do you want me to film on your special day? How long shall the clip be? What do you want to be included in the movie?

Depending on your request I will make you an offer for your wedding. If you decide for me as your videographer and you accept the offer we will talk about further preparations. Of course you are very welcome to input wishes at any time. 


 At your wedding day I will film full of passion. I will capture emotional moments with professional equipment so that they will last for eternity!

The most intense work will be at the end. When you are enjoying life as a married couple and probably are relaxing in your honeymoon I will work on your video with a lot of love. Approximately four weeks later you will receive your personal emotional clip.