Hochzeitsvideo Ostschweiz

You’re looking for a videographer for your weddingfilm or other unique emotional moments?

I am a videographer from Bamberg in Germany and live in St Gallen in Switzerland Due to my two places of residence I travel a lot and could film your wedding in both areas.

The wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day in life. Saying „Yes, I do“ to the true love and having the family and friends as guests at a special location.

These memories should last forever and hopefully will never fade. With a personal wedding video it’s possible to  reminisce these moments of pure joy and happiness even later in time. 

It’s my passion to capture your emotions and the atmosphere of your wedding for a lifetime/eternity!

I love capturing unforgettable moments and making couples happy with an emotional wedding video.

Videograf Sankt Gallen

Videograf in Bamberg

My name is Helena, I am a 25-year-old german girl and I love to travel the world. The last years I had the pleassure work in a variety of different countries like Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand. I loved to combine work with the possibility of getting to know different places and cultures. At the moment I live in Utrecht in the Netherlands and I am about to graduate university with a master in communication science. Also during my studies I continued working in the fashion- and beauty-industry all over the world. There I was able to look behind the scenes of amazing photographers‘ and videographers‘ work. I loved their work but I never thought of creating videos myself.       

As it was my brother-in-law’s wedding in summer 2018 I was looking for the perfect present for the bridal couple. In university I just learned how to edit videos and so I decided to do a weddingfilm for them. I really enjoyed capturing these emotional moments of their unique day and everybody liked the video a lot – even though it was far from perfect. But I knew that I can do it much better and so try to improve with every wedding that I film.

Hochzeit filmen Sankt Gallen

Your wedding video will be filmed with new professionell equipment. During the day there will be several cameras, lenses, tribods and a steadycam in use. For sound recording there can be also placed additional microphones during the ceremony.

My aim is to capture your emotional day as best as possible but being insonspicuous myself. /without attracting attention myself.

The duration of filming and the length of the wedding video will be prearranged. You can decide for a short highlight clip as well as for a longer wedding video up to 15 minutes. To discuss your personal ideas we can meet up and get to know each other before your big day. After our first chat I can make you an offer depending on your wishes.

  • Filming your wedding - Duration as you wish
  • Editing your personal emotional clip
  • Highlight clip - approx. 3 minutes
  • Long wedding clip - up to 15 minutes
  • Video on a USB flash drive or on a DVD
  • Raw material


Anne is from Germany, Roman from Switzerland. That’s why Anne moved to Roman’s hometown St. Gallen and both decided to celebrate their wedding in Düsseldorf to say ‘Goodbye’ to the place where they met and fell in love with each other.

This is Amelie’s and Jann’s wedding video. Both got to know each other in Fürth, moved together to Regensburg and got married in Thurnau, near to Amelie’s hometown Bayreuth. I am happy they chose me to be there wedding videographer.

Susanne and Sven fell in love with each other in Würzburg, where both studied law. Their friends wanted to make them a special wedding present that they will never forget: a wedding video.

Melanie and Jochen said YES to each other in June. It was a wonderful day in Weismain, Bavaria. They celebrated with their friends and family. I created a longer and a shorter version for them. I hope you enjoy watching this highlight clip.

Carina and Kevin tied the know in autumn. Even though it was very cold and windy it was a beautiful weeding. 
They asked me to do a very long wedding film so that they can relive every moment of this special day also some decades later. 

Adriana dreamed of being a princess her whole life. Her husband Salvatore and this dress made all her dreams come true. Their family and friends proved that Portuguese and Italians know who to celebrate a wedding. 

You did not have any possibility to create a wonderful wedding video on your wedding day? No problem! How about booking an after wedding shooting? Check out my other other emotional clips or send me a mail for more information. 


At the first contact we will talk about the most important questions:

When will be the wedding? Where will the wedding take place? How many guests will be invited?

Here we can get to know each other and I can show you some more of my recent videos.

In the next step it’s all about you and your personal wishes and ideas for the wedding clip.

How long do you want me to film on your special day? How long shall the clip be? What do you want to be included in the movie?

Depending on your request I will make you an offer for your wedding. If you decide for me as your videographer and you accept the offer we will talk about further preparations. Of course you are very welcome to input wishes at any time. 


 At your wedding day I will film full of passion. I will capture emotional moments with professional equipment so that they will last for eternity!

The most intense work will be at the end. When you are enjoying life as a married couple and probably are relaxing in your honeymoon I will work on your video with a lot of love. Approximately four weeks later you will receive your personal emotional clip.

Hochzeitsvideograf St. Gallen

Family video

Siblings, parents with child or maybe or even a big family with a lot of relatives. I can make you a video that shows your relation and love to each other – even after a lot of time has passed!

Pregnancy video

It’s only nine months that mothers carry their babys in them. This time is very special and full of emotions. I would love to make you a private pregancy video, so that you can reminisce also after a long time.

Newborn video

Welcome to the world, little one! The first weeks and months are very exiting for the parents and also for relatives who love to show pictures and videos of the new family member around. But babies grow and change incredibly fast. Therefore it is a beautiful possibility to capture the time and to look back to these days after many years – also together with the child when it’s older.

Couple video

A lot of couples enjoy having a professional photoshoot. Try also a couple video shoot because only videos can show how you look at each other full of love and can capture your emotions the best.

Engagement video

Your getting engaged or you are already engaged? I‘d love to capture the unique moment of the proposal for you – and also after the engegement we can film a love video to capture your emotions.

Wedding-invitation video

You’re getting married but you don’t want to send boring invitations? How about creating and sending your personal love clip as an invitation to your guests?

Wedding shooting – Carina & Kevin

Elopement video – Janina & Matthias

Wedding shooting – Anne-Lena & Roman

Wedding shooting – Carina & Kevin

Maternity video – Stefanie & Nicolas

Engagement video – Alina & Rob


Do you have any questions about my work?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (helena@youremotionalclip.com). I will reply to your message as soon as possible.

You’re also welcome to call me or text me via +41778159174