Anne is from Germany, Roman from Switzerland. That’s why Anne moved to Roman’s hometown St. Gallen and both decided to celebrate their wedding in Düsseldorf to say ‘Goodbye’ to the place where they met and fell in love with each other.

This is Amelie’s and Jann’s wedding video. Both got to know each other in Fürth, moved together to Regensburg and got married in Thurnau, near to Amelie’s hometown Bayreuth. I am happy they chose me to be there wedding videographer.

Susanne and Sven fell in love with each other in Würzburg, where both studied law. Their friends wanted to make them a special wedding present that they will never forget: a wedding video.

In September 2018 I had the pleasure to film Natasha’s and Hans‘ wedding in Antwerp in Belgium. I edited a short highlight-clip as well as a longer wedding video fort hem, which you can watch here. Enjoy!

“Helena was an absolute joy to work with. She really captured all the special moments of my sisters wedding and i will be forever grateful. I know from expierience that having a video from your special day is the best present anyone can give you. When she showed me the video I was taken back and could relive the day once again. On top of that she is super professional and communication was very pleasant. I would highly recommend Helena to record your special day!”

This is Emma’s and Koert’s wedding video. They got married in beautiful Loosdrecht in the Netherlands and had an amazing day with their friends and family.

“Helena made such a beautiful video for us for our wedding. She really captured the vibe of the day and all our emotions. We’re really extremely happy with the end result. Would absolutely recommend!”